Account Services

The following are fees for additional bank products and services and may be assessed to your account.

Account Balancing Fee (per hour): $25 ($15 minimum)

Account Research Fee (per hour): $25 plus $0.25 per page ($15 minimum)

ATM Withdrawal Fee (Customers using Skagit State Bank ATMs): No Charge

Canadian Drafts (Customers/Non-Customers): $10/$20

Cashier's Checks: $5

Cashier's Checks Re-Issue Fee: $5

Check Cashing Fee (Non-Customers): $10

Check Printing Fee: Varies by style and quantity

Collection Fee: $15

Consecutive Day Overdraft Fee: $5 (If your account is overdrawn for more than 7 consecutive business days, an additional $5.00 fee will be assessed per business day.)

Counter Checks Fee (for first 3 checks/for each additional check): $1/$1

Credit Card, Debit Card & ATM Card Replacement Fee: $5

Credit Card, Debit Card & ATM Card and/or PIN Rush Replacement Fee: $50

Document Copying (per page): $0.25

Dormant Account Fee (per month): $6

Foreign Item Return Fee: $25

Garnishments/Levies: $50

Held Mail Fee (per month): $2

Money Orders: $5

Notary Public (Customers/Non-Customers): No Charge/$10

Overdraft Fee: $32 per debit created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means

Returned Item Fee: $32 per debit created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means

Signature Guarantee (Customers only): No Charge

Additional Statement and 1099 Copy: $3

Stop Payment Fee: $32

Stop Payment Renewal Fee: $32

Subpoena Research Fee(minimum): $15

Traveler's Checks (Individual): 2% of Purchase

Traveler's Checks for Two: 2.75% of Purchase

Visa® Gift Cards: $4.95

Contract Collections

Set-up Fee: $100

Annual Service Charge: $25

Annual Fee for Late Charge Notices: $30

Disbursement Fee (per month): $5

Additional Disbursement Fee (per month): $5

Cashier's Check Disbursement Fee (per month): $5

Change in Terms: $40

Online Banking

Bill Payment Consumer/Business: No charge

Cash Management for Business:
    Without ACH Origination: No charge
    With ACH Origination (per month): $25 plus $0.08 per transaction

Safe Deposit Boxes Annual Rental Fees

3" x 5" = $25
5" x 5" = $35
3" x 10" = $40
5" x 10" = $55
10" x 10" = $90

Safe Deposit Box Rental Without Automatic Payment Fee: $10

Refundable Key Deposit (with return of 2 keys): $10

Emergency Drilling of Safe Deposit Box: $100

Box contents are not insured by any government agency.

Wire Transfers

    Customers (Incoming/Outgoing): No Charge/$20
    Non-customers (Incoming & Outgoing): $30

    Incoming: $10
    Outgoing: $40